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Welcome to Tierra de Lago


Officially Tierra de Lago is located in Los Baños Barangay Bambang province of Laguna. But this is only one part of the story as Laguna lake is an ecosystem that is unique and beautiful.


Tierra de Lago has a history tied to its owners. The owners bought the property in 1960. They, with their friends, would hunt game and fish as a form of relaxation from their busy schedules as captains of industry and commerce. Over the years  their children brought their friends over to enjoy the scenery and the weather.  It became a meeting place for advocates and counterculture hippies trying to commune with nature. As the surrounding countryside urbanized, it became clear that every effort must be made to protect and preserve the spring. Thus the entire family was launched into an environmental preservation effort that has been a clarion call for the Tierra de Lago owners.


Below is a computer-generated image of the Laguna Lake ecosystem. It is the third-largest freshwater inland lake in all of Southeast Asia.  It is one of the most visible features of Luzon Island.

It is a critical water source for the six hundred bird varieties that encircle Luzon.  It is also critical to bats, geckos, lizards, butterflies, and other diverse forms of wildlife in this heavy urban setting.




The domestic fish industry of bangus, kanduli and tilapia is thriving but the focus on food production has had devastating effects on other diverse fish varieties that have no wide market value.


Our story of Tierra de Lago would not be complete if no mention is made of (Mount) Maria Makiling who fell in love with a mortal man and remains there in the mountain, slumbering, as she waits for her lover’s return.

Pasig River is the main outlet of Laguna Lake to Manila Bay. It remains an important waterway today, carrying barges for industry and agriculture.  It is Manila’s most urbanized river winding through 17 important city centers.


In 1877 Los Baños, or the baths in Spanish, was named because of the hundreds of sulfuric hot springs in the area.

In the year 2000, Tierra de Lago was built.  The main vision of development was to conserve and preserve the generous sulphuric hot spring for eco-tourism.

Soaking in sulfur water can help kill germs and viruses on the skin including psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections. Known as balneotherapy — the term ‘balneo’ comes from the Latin word for bath and means soaking in thermal/mineral waters — or medical hydrology, it is a medical science and is an integrated part of allopathic medical practices and preventive medicine. The University of Maryland Medical Center states, “well-designed studies, most conducted in Israel, have used balneotherapy to treat several different kinds of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. People who took sulfur baths and other spa therapies improved strength, had less morning stiffness, better walking ability, and less inflammation, swelling, and pain in joints, particularly in the neck and back.”

So we encourage everyone to take a dip in our swimming pool fed by a sulfuric hot spring water which we drain and refill whenever needed.

Tierra de Lago boasts of a 200-meter south-facing boardwalk fronting Laguna Lake. A favorite of our guests who like the mountain view and enjoy the sweet gale (wind).  We have a kiddie pool and 2 other garden pools surrounded by lush, green landscapes, a recreation area, nine cottages for private use, a festivity hall and a small hostel.  We have extensive parking. Our kitchen is open till midnight upon request.

While you are with us, you may as well partake of our local cuisine. We focus on local ingredients. Laguna has incredible cooking traditions. Laguna cuisine uses coconuts tamarind and lemongrass.  We have indigenous varieties of eggplants and tomatoes that have found their way to the international markets. We have mangoes, jackfruit, pineapples, papayas, guavas, dragonfruit, and bananas all year round.  We have other indigenous ingredients that don’t enter mainstream cuisine but will delight the gourmet palate.  We have crayfish, snails, edible ferns and many herbs.

So join us at Tierra de Lago. Enjoy that famous Filipino hospitality you’ve come to expect.

The management, the staff and crew as well as the advocates allied to our efforts at eco-tourism welcome you to Tierra de Lago.